In terms of planning an outdoor wedding, there may not be a more idyllic location in the country than San Diego, California. The weather is fantastic most of the year, the scenery is beautiful, and there are plenty of vendors that can make everything go exactly according to your lofty plans. At the same time, an outdoor wedding presents some unique challenges, and the following is a look at how to make sure those challenges don’t interfere with your dream wedding.

Planning a Successful Outdoor Wedding:

#1 Plan for All Weather

Let’s start with the big one: the weather. Obviously, San Diego is one of the sunniest places in the country, but that doesn’t mean rain can’t happen. Temperatures can get a little chilly at times, too, especially in the evenings, so your first issue is making sure people will be comfortable no matter what happens with the weather.

In terms of rain, make sure you’ve got a backup plan. Just about every venue is going to have a backup scenario in place, whether that’s another building or a covering for you and your guests. Still, it’s a question worth asking when choosing a venue.

#2 Make Sure Everyone Can Hear the Proceedings

Sound issues also are among the most common gripes of outdoor weddings, so when choosing an audio company, make sure it’s one that can provide sound that everyone in attendance can hear, even without walls to help capture and reverberate the sound.

#3 Arrange for a Luxury Restroom Trailer

Another important aspect is renting portable restrooms for events like weddings because often these outdoor venues don’t provide enough bathrooms for your guests. Here at Posh Privy, we offer luxury restroom trailers that use running electricity and water for optimal comfort. The toilets flush, and the trailers themselves are properly decorated with fresh flower and wall art. They are much nicer than porta potties and are exactly the sort of thing that takes your outdoor wedding from good to great.

#4 Some Foods Work Better Outdoors Than Others

While you may have a set idea of what kinds of food you’d like to serve at your outdoor wedding, it’s important to remember that not all foods do as well outside. Foods that spoil or that must be served cold can be problematic, especially on a warmer day, so talk with your caterer about dishes that will serve well outdoors.

#5 Be Aware of the Sun’s Location

The location of the sun, especially at sunset, can cause all sorts of headaches for guests sitting with the light directly in their faces. It also can affect how your pictures turn out, so be aware of the position of the sun and plan your audience placement accordingly.

If you’re able to plan for each of these factors, chances are very good that you’ll have the sort of wedding that all your guests enjoy. People may travel from far and wide to take part in your special day, so it’s essential that they’re comfortable and afforded all the basics of this type of event. Food matters, restrooms matter, and comfort matters. Follow these tips from the experienced team at Posh Privy, and all those concerns will be handled!