Whether you’re planning an event to celebrate the people in your office or you’re putting something together for friends and family, turning small, affordable events into something that feels much bigger isn’t as hard as it sounds. 

If you’re looking to go above and beyond for your event, there are so many things you can do to spice things up, from prizes to hashtags to luxury restrooms—and the good people at Posh Privy are happy to help!


1. Make the Event Active

Many events take place in the evening, and as we all know, evenings are a time when many people instinctively wind themselves down. To avoid this, try to come up with activities at your event that encourage people to be active. From mixology lessons to dancing to food testing, there are plenty of ways to keep your guests active and moving. Conversation is great, but you should plan more than that for a truly engaging event!

2. Offer Promotions and Prizes

Especially if your event has an entry fee to get in the door, it’s nice to make sure people have the opportunity to leave with something, too. Whether that’s free drink tickets or cool shades or shot glasses, there are so many ways to provide parting gifts that guests see as treasure rather than trash.


3. Provide Luxury Portable Restrooms

Where Posh Privy can help in spicing up an event is by providing luxury portable restrooms. How many events supply those disgusting port-o-let booths that never seem clean and almost always smell awful? The alternative is Posh Privy, which provides clean, air-conditioned restrooms complete with flowers, music, artwork, hot water, and so much more. This affordable upgrade to your event can make a low-budget affair look like a big-budget lavish affair.


4. Create a Great Event Hashtag

Everyone has seen and/or taken part in the fun hashtags that come attached to many weddings these days, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t come up with a fun hashtag for your event, too. Not only will it help people filter posts and pictures more easily during and after the event, but it helps them participate with the event through social media, as well.


5. Make a Photo Booth Available

It never hurts to give people the opportunity to take photos at a party, and one of the best ways to do that is build a photo booth. There are a few different ways to do this, from the homemade to the hiring of a professional, but it all ends in the same thing: fond memories and great photographs at your event.

Many of these events in San Diego are held outside, which is great considering the beautiful weather in this part of California. Outdoor events can be wonderful, but Posh Privy can help make them more wonderful by playing our small part in making these events more lavish. Portable luxury restrooms can go a long way toward doing exactly that!