Taking care of your guests and making sure their every need is looked after is crucial no matter the kind of event you’re holding. While you can make every effort to accomplish this, some venues make it impossible to get one detail down – restroom facilities.

If you’re planning on holding your event in an outdoor setting or anywhere that, for whatever reason, does not have adequate restroom facilities – or any at all, for that matter – you’re left with the problem of dealing with your guests’ restroom needs. If they have to go, they have to go, and the limitations of your event venue won’t make an adequate excuse for the lack of a proper restroom.

The iconic sterile blue portable restroom is a go-to, but it’s an eyesore and just won’t cut it for grander events. Go posh instead.

Why Go Posh?

Because no one wants to relieve themselves in a grimy, often smelly portable restroom. Even if you need to, using a Porta Potty tends to be an unpleasant experience people try to avoid. This could lead your guests to waiting in discomfort until they have access to better restroom facilities or outright leave your event – and you wouldn’t want that.

Cue the luxury portable restroom rental. Yes, we exist, and your guests will probably prefer a posh restroom experience over the cramped discomfort of your typical portable stalls.

Our luxury portable toilets are comfortable, safe, and clean, which you should accept no less than in a restroom. They’re also fitted with convenient amenities and a stunning design for the most luxurious portable restroom experience. Every Posh Privy portable restroom is a wonderful experience with a supply of hot water, foot pedal flush toilets, and LED lighting. We’ve also made each stall beautiful with gorgeous crown molding, wood grain flooring, Corian countertops, and stainless steel sinks.

Personalized Service

Our luxury restrooms are made even more posh with high-end personalized services to ensure that you and your guests are provided only top tier portable restroom service exactly as you envision it. Every Posh Privy portable restroom rental can be customized to your taste with little details like amenity baskets, string lighting, fragrant fresh flowers, LED candles, carpeting, and anything else you imagine would create the most luxurious and comfortable restroom experience for your event. You want your guests to feel that their comfort is a priority, and incorporating these details will definitely let them know that you care.

Should you request any of these personalized services we’ll make sure to send a team to stay on-site and ensure that your stalls are seen to and remain in tip-top shape throughout your event.

Luxury Toilet Rentals for Your Next Event

There’s a Posh Privy package for every kind of event that would benefit from a portable restroom, with a whole variety of styles to fit any occasion or theme. To get one for your next big get-together, be sure to give Posh Privy a call for a quote at (619) 208-9221 or request a quote online.